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Patricia Reid Ford was born in San Francisco on May 17, 1924. Her middle name comes from her grandmother, Lily Reid.
Important Facts
May 17, 1923 Born in San Francisco, California. She is the second daughter of Marion Boisot and Byington Ford.

Statue by Jo Mora
Statue by Joe Mora
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1927 At age 3, a statue was made of Patricia which stands on her property in Atherton today. The statue was made by the famous artist and writer, Joe Mora. To find out more about Joe Mora, visit the Joe Mora web site.
1929 The picture of Patricia when she was five years old. Click this link to see other pictures.
1924-1935 Lived in Pebble Beach until the age 11.
Pat as a young girl
Pat at age 5
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April 4, 1930 US Federal Census lists Byington Ford (39), Marion B. (32), Mary Jane (8), Patricia (6), and Audrey (3) living in Pebble Beach, California. Source: 1930 United States Federal Census, Monterey, California; Roll: 179; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 31; Image: 865.0.
1932 At age 9, grade 4, Patricia received a monthly report card from the Douglas School, which is now the Robert Louise Stevens School in Pebble Beach. She received A's in Art, French, Music, Penmanship, and Reading. The sports director was Dick Collins, who worked at the Equestrian Center when I was going to RLS. Source: The Douglas School monthly report.
1936-1937 Spent 7th and 8th grade at the Sarah Dix Hamlin school for girls in San Francisco, California. She graduated on June 10, 1937. She was living at 2170 Jackson St. San Francisco with her mother and two sisters.

Pat at age 6
  Spent summers at her mother's Moon Trail Ranch in Carmel Valley, California.
1938 The family moved to Pasadena (585 Belle Fontaine St.) and Pat went to school at Westridge High School for Girls in Pasadena.
1938 Pat keeps a daily diary. In the diary, she write about going to the Rose Bowl Football game, Western Union telegrams, and clippings of comics form newspapers. Source: 1938 Diary.
Nov 7, 1939 Pat wrote an essay for an English III class called "Such is Life", which we received an "A". The story was about a girl her didn't get a part in a play. She ended the story saying "life is often very real and unfair to people who need a chance." Source: Essay written with blue ink and paper on November 7, 1939.
April 1, 1941 Pat wrote her mother (Mrs. Howard Ernst) a letter at 360 Grove Street, Pasadena, California, from Brownmoor High School about a recent trip to Utah and skiing with six girls. Source: Letter dated April 1, 1941.
1941 Graduated from Brownmoor High School, a girls boarding school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Click on mini-photo to see full sized version.
Graduation picture
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Sept 28, 1944 Pat sent a post card to her mother at 4818 Bonvue Ave, Los Angeles, California. The card was had a painting by Auguste Renioir from the Art Institute of Chicago. Source: Post Card dated Sept 28, 1944.
Jan 12, 1945 Pat sent a post card to her mother at 4818 Bonvue Ave, Los Angeles, California. The card was had a painting by Rembrandt from the Art Institute of Chicago. Source: Post Card dated Jan 12, 1945.
Feb 7, 1945 Pat wrote her mother (Mrs. Howard Ernst) at 4818 Bonvue ave, Los Angeles, from 1300 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois. Source: Letter dated February 7, 1945.
March 28, 1945 Pat wrote her mother (Mrs. Howard Ernst) at 4818 Bonvue ave, Los Angeles, about how thankful she is for having her as a mother. She talks about art school, dating, and signed her letter as "Reid". Source: Letter dated March 28, 1945.
1946 Studied at the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois for one year.
1947 Went to the Chouinard School of Art, 741 S. Grand View, Los Angeles, CA, where she met Nadine Cardwell a lifelong friend.
November 15, 1949 Patricia and Tommy appeared as Chorus liners in the Paisano newspaper at Robles Del Rio, California.

Pat, Tommy, Mary Jane
November 15, 1949 Pat had a art gallery showing at the Carmel Valley White Oak Inn called Portraits by Patricia.
Met Alexander D. Henderson III at the Carmel ski club or Mission Ranch Carmel, California.
December 9, 1950 The engagement of Patricia Ford to Alexander D. Henderson was announced in the Monterey Peninsula Herald newspaper.
February 17, 1951 Married Alexander D. Henderson III at her mother's ranch in Carmel Valley (Moon Trail Ranch). Click on mini-photo to see full sized version, or click on the following link see other source documents.

Wedding Picture
The Wedding Cake
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Their honeymoon was in Ensenada, Mexico.
Set up housekeeping at their 797 E. Williams Street apartment in, San Jose, California.
November 19, 1951 Alexander Dawson Henderson IV was born. Mr. Henderson was still going to San Jose State College. Click on mini-photo to see full sized version.
Mom, Dawson, & Alex
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Fall 1952 Moved to Alemeda, California because Alex got a job at Montgomery Ward as a merchandiser.
July 1953 Moved to 609 Genieve Lane in San Jose because Alex got a job as an Investigator at Household Finance Corporation.
July 29, 1953 Gregory Ford Henderson was born in Carmel, California.
  Carmel is known for their Monterey Cypress trees. The painting to the right is a Lithograph, given to Pat and Alex on their wedding day by Pat's father. Source: Paul Whitman Website.

Monterey Cypress

Monterey Cypress

  They bought their first house on Pruneridge Street in San Jose, California, which is now the heart of Silicon Valley.
April 4, 1955 David Girald Henderson was born in San Jose, California.
July 5, 1957 The family moved from California to Hillsboro Beach, Florida. Stayed at the Avon by the Sea apartments (Owned by Alec's farther).
Alex and Pat build a new house at 3532 N.E. 31st Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida.

Pat - Sept 1961
March 10, 1957 Scott Douglas Henderson was born at the Holy Cross Hospital in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Later, they moved to Sea Ranch Lakes in Ft. Lauderdale by the sea, Florida.
November 5, 1963 Holly Henderson was born at the Holy Cross Hospital in Pompano Beach, Florida.
family picture
Henderson Family
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1969 Pat and Alex are divorced.
Summer 1969 Pat and her children moved back to California.
Pat rented a house in Carmel Valley, then bought a house on 1st and Dolores Street, near downtown Carmel, California.

Richard Reid Crass
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December 5, 1970 Mrs. Patricia Ford Henderson and Richard Reid Crass were married in All Saints Chapel, Grace United Methodist Church. The Rev. Paul McCoy officiated at the ceremony. Source: Newspaper clipping dated 12/19/70.
1972 Purchased a house in Atherton and then moved to Inglewood Lane in Atherton, California.

Bought a weekend home in Carmel on Carmelo Road close to the ocean.

January 19, 1985 Pat's father, Byington Ford died at his home in Ventura, California.

The Guitarist
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1988 She purchased a house on Scenic Drive in Carmel, California. Click the Watch Now button to see a QuickTime slide show of Carmel or click here to see individual pictures of Carmel.
1989 Richard R. Crass died at their home in Atherton, California.
June 15, 1990 Pat's mother, Marion Boisot died at her home in Carmel Valley, California.

Patricia and Tommy
September 1992 Pat took a trip to France with Ndine Cardwell and a group of art friends including Jane hofstetter. Source: Journal Pat wrote on her trip to France in 1992.
November 28, 2003 Patricia and her sister (Tommy) were at the Maritime Museum of Monterey for artist Jo Mora.
  Pat showed her oils and watercolors at the Menlo Art League in Menlo Park, California.
July 2011 - Present Pat sold her house in Atherton and moved into the Vi in Palo Alto, which is a senior living community. She paints, gardens, and plays bridge. Click on this link for paintings by Patricia F. Crass.

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