Lilly Woodbury Reid, 1860 - 1939
February 26, 1859 Born in Sutton, Massachusetts. Her father, William A. Reid was born in New York and her mother, Sarah Elizabeth Woodbury, in Massachusetts. Source: 1870 US Census.
1865 The Massachusetts State Census lists Simon J Woodbury. (60), Sabrina D Woodbury. (61), Prescott J Woodbury (33), and Lizzie W. (5), living in Sutton, Worcester,, Massachusetts. Source: "Massachusetts, State Census, 1865," index and images, FamilySearch.
July 16, 1870 The US Federal Census lists William A. Reid (37), Lizzie S. (32), Lizzie W. (10), and Jennie M. (9), living in Chicago, Illinois. Source: 1870; Census Place: Chicago Ward 4, Cook, Illinois; Roll: M593_200; Page: 114; Image: 229.
June 19, 1880 The US Federal Census lists William Reed (45), Elizabeth (43), Lilly (21), Jennie (19), Fannie (1), Simon J. Woodbury (father-in-law 70), and C. C. Edwards (visitor 34), living in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Source: 1880; Census, Roll: T9_187; Family History Film: 1254187; Page: 297.1000; Enumeration District: 30; Image: 0015.
  Married her first husband, Mr. Moseman.

A business card listed her as Mrs. Lillie R. Moseman, living at 3557 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Source: Business Card.

Mrs. Lillie R. Moseman
3557 Prairie Avenue
1891 Listed as living at 3557 Prairie Avenue, the Chicago Blue Book as Mrs. Lillie R. Moseman along with Mr. & Mrs. William A. Reid. Source: The Chicago blue book of selected names of Chicago and suburban, Page 148.
November 4, 1891 Married Emil Kellogg Boisot in Chicago, Illinois.
Emile Kellogg Boisot
1859 - 1941
August 21, 1892 There first son, Louis Marston Boisot was born. He is the grandfather of Debora Boisot.
August 28, 1897 Marion Boisot was born in LaGrange, Illinois.
November 30, 1899 Elizabeth Boisot was born.
June 16, 1900 The US Federal Census lists Emile K Boisot (40), Lily R. (39), Louis M. (7), Marion (2), Elizabeth (5 mo.), Elizabeth Reid (63), two servants Fannie Bell (55) and Maud Tansey (31), living in 6-WD Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Source: 1900; Census Place: Lyons, Cook, Illinois; Roll: T623 293; Page: 40B; Enumeration District: 1169.
April 18, 1910 The 1910 US Federal Census lists Emile K Boisot (51), Lily R. (50), Louis M. (17), and Marion (12), living in 6-WD Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Source: 1910 United States Federal Census.
1919 Emil and Lillie visited Big Tree's in California. Source: Picture sent by grandson Emile K. Boisot.

Emil and Lillie 1919
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1920 There names are not listed in the 1920 US Federal Census. Her brother-in-law, Louise Boisot is listed as age 60, wife Mary, and daughter Pauline living in Lyons, Cook, Illinois. Source: 1920 US Census.
1924 Moved to a large home at 585 Belle Fontaine Street in Pasadena, California. They had a cook, maid, and chauffeur.
April 11, 1930 The 1930 US Federal Census lists Emile K. Bosiot (71), Lizzie (70), and two servents living in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. Source: 1930 United States Federal Census.
  They lived in a very nice cottage on the grounds of the Hotel Del Monte.

Del Monte Hotel Cottage
  Had a summer home in Carmel Valley, California, which is where their daughter Marion and her husband lived.
July 4, 1936 Lillie and her son Emile sailed from the Los Angeles harbor to Honolulu, Hawaii. It took about 5 days to sail to Hawaii. Source: List or Manifest of in-bound passengers (citizens) for Imigration Officials at port of arrival.
August 27, 1939 Lillie died in Carmel, California following a long illness. Funeral services were held at the Wee Curch of the Heather, Forest Lawn, Glendale, California. Source: San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) Page: 11.
February 1, 1941 Her husband, Emil K. Boisot, died in Pasadena, California. He was 81 years old.

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