Maurice D. Henderson
1851 - 1923

Maurice D. Henderson was the oldest son of Captain Joseph Henderson. He never married and died at the age of 72.

Important Facts
1851 Maurice D. Henderson was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is the oldest son of Captain Joseph Henderson and Angelina Annetta Weaver. Source: 1860 US Census.

New York Map
New York Map
June 14, 1855 The New York State Census lists Joseph (28), Angelina A (22), Sarah R (5), Morris (4), Joseph (2) and Elizabeth Mcgrath (14) living in Ward 7, Brooklyn City, Kings, New York. Source: New York, State Census, 1855, index and images, FamilySearch: accessed 04 Oct 2013.
1860 The 1860 Census lists J. Henderson (32), Ann (29), Sarah (10), Maurice (8), and Joseph (6) as living in the 9th Ward Brooklyn City, county of Kings. Source: 1860 US Census for 9th Ward Brooklyn City, County of Kings.

Maurice never married and lived for a time with his mother at 633 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Source: "Mary's Family Connections," Copyright 1979, pg. 88.

July 26, 1870 The 1870 US Federal Census lists Joseph (46), Angelina (38), Sarah R. (20), Maurice D. Henderson (18), Joseph Jr. (16), Mary Ann (10), Angelina A. (8), and Alexander D. (6). Source: 1870 US Census, 21-WD Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, Series: M593, Roll: 961, Part: 1, Page: 349A.  
1880 The 1880 U.S. Census lists Joseph (52) and Angelina (48) living at home with their three daughters, Sarah R. (30), Mary A. (20), Angelina A. (18), and three sons, 'Morris' Henderson (28), Joseph (26), and Alexander (15). Maurice was listed as sailmaker. Source: 1880 US Federal Census for 983 Myrtle Ave., Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York.
October 7, 1890 His father, Joseph Henderson, died at 633 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York and was buried in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Lot 13244, Section 88.
1889-1890 Maurice D. Henderson continued to live with his mother at their family home on Willoughby Avenue. He was listed at 633 Willoughby Avenue in the Brooklyn, New York Directories. His occupation was listed as Clerk. Source:, Brooklyn, New York Directories, 1888-1890.
Feb 16, 1892 Angelina A. Henderson (58), Moris D. Henderson (38) Clerk, Angelina Wilcox (30), Stanley W. Wilcox (9), Charles S. Hendrickson (32-Merchant), Mary A. Hendrickson (30), and Angelina Hendrickson (5) were listed as living in Ward 21, Brooklyn, New York. Source: New York State Census, Feb 16, 1892.
February 18, 1892 Maurice Henderson attended his brother's, Alexander D. Henderson, wedding to Miss Ella M. Brown, in Brooklyn, New York. Source: February 18, 1892 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper.
1894 He was listed as "Maurice D. Henderson at 633 Willoughby Avenue." His brother-in-law was listed as "Chas. S. Hendrickson at 639 Willoughby Avenue." Source: 1894 LAIN'S Brooklyn Directory.
1897 He was listed as: "HENDERSON Morris D. h 633 Wil'by av." His mother is listed at the same address. Source: 1897-98 LAIN'S Brooklyn Directory.
June 8, 1900 The 1900 U.S. Census lists Angelina A Wilcox (68), daughter, Angelina 'Weaderson' (38), son, 'Morris T Weaderson' (46), nephew, Stanley W. Wilcox (17) and Louise Vollmer (19). Maurice's occupation is listed as sail making. Source: 1900 US. Census, Kings, Brooklyn Ward 21, Kings, New York; Roll: T623 1058; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 336.

Maurice's Signature (1909)
June 8, 1909 Maurice gave his consent that the last Will and Testament of his mother, Angelina A. Henderson, be admitted to probate. Source: Petition, Citation, Proofs of Will, Kings County Surrogate's Court, June 11, 1909.  
Maurice was listed as "M. Henderson real estate 320 Tpkins Ave. h 639 Wilby Ave". Source: 1910 Brooklyn Directory.
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September 27, 1917 A property at Dunne Court and E. 7th Street was listed with the transfer of ownership to Maurice. He is listed as living at 639 Willoughby Avenue. Source: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York.
January 12, 1920
The 1920 U.S. Census lists Charles S. Hendrickson (52), Mary (50), Angelina (30), and Maurice Henderson (60) as brother-in-law, living on 639 Willoughby Avenue. Source: Brooklyn, New York, Kings County Census, Series: T625 Roll: 1153 Page: 110.
September 2, 1923 The Dunne Court property on E. 7th St. was advertised for sale by A. D. Henderson of 31 Park Place, N. Y. City. Henderson's telephone was listed in the ad. Source: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York.
November 15, 1923
Maurice D. Henderson died. Source: The Green-Wood Cemetery Catalog of Heirs 2993.
November 17, 1923

Maurice’s younger brother, Alexander, wrote a letter to the Green-Wood Cemetery directing them to bury his brother in the family plot at the cemetery in Brooklyn. The letter was written on First Baptist Church stationary, which was in Bloomfield, New Jersey. In the letter Alexander wrote, “Gentlemen, Please open grave for remains of my brother Maurice Henderson in lot no. 13244 for Saturday Nov 17, 1923 at 11:30 A. M.” The letter was signed “A. D. Henderson.” Source: Green-Wood Cemetery's copy of letter from Alexander D. Henderson.

November 17, 1923
Maurice was buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in the family plot, lot #13244 and Section #88 of the same cemetery as his parents. Source: Green-Wood Cemetery burial inquiry results for Maurice Henderson.
December 28, 1923 Maurice's brother, Alexander D. Henderson took out an ad in the Bloomfield NJ Independent Press, giving notice to the creditors of Maurice Henderson, to provide evidence of any claims and demands against the estate within six months. Source: Bloomfield NJ Independent Press, 1923.

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