Lorenz Louis Stein

Lorenz Louis Stein was born Lingelbach, Hessen, Germany
Important Facts
June 18, 1865 Lorenz Louis Stein was born in Lingelbach, Hessen, Germany. He is the son of Casper Stein and Elizabeth Bamby.  
February 14, 1895 Married Dorthea Reismann in Berkeley, California.  
1895 Jack Lorenz Stein II was born.  
November 3, 1898 Louise Dorothea Stein was born in Oakland, California.

Louise D. Stien

1901 Paul W. Stein was born.
August 21, 1902 Louis Lorenz Stein Jr.. was born in Berkeley, California. He died in 1996. You can find out more about Louis L. Stein at this address: http://www.cocohistory.com/llstein.html
March 12, 1907 Martha Ann Stein was born Alameda County, California. Source: California Birth Index, 1905-1995.
October 21, 1910 Albert Herman Stein was born in Alameda County, California. Source: California Birth Index, 1905-1995.
  Lorenz owned a butcher shop on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, California.
  The Stein family lived in a house on Walnut Street (house is no longer there).  
  During the war Lorenz felt ostracize because he was German. As a result, he bought a ranch in Walnut Creek, California. Herb Gloor remembers this ranch very well. There were two horses on the ranch, Louise and Martha. it was 76 acres. He grew peaches, pears, and had a big pasture. There was a farmhouse with screen deck and barn. They harvested hay in the field.  
March 6, 1953 Lorenz Louis Stein died in Berkeley, California.  

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