Mary Ella (Dee Dee) Henderson was born in Suffern, New York on April 17, 1922. She is the mother of four children: Robert, Susan, Sally, and Peter Hinrichs.
Important Facts
April 17, 1922 Born at 6:45 A.M. at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, New York. Mary Ella is the first child of Alexander D. Henderson Jr. and Mary Barnes Anthony. Source: Mary's Family Connections.

A. D. Henderson House
Suffern, New York


A postcard was made of her grandparents' Suffern house. The printing at the top of the postcard reads: "Residence of Mr. A. D. Henderson, Suffern, N.Y." Source: Suffern Free Library, Suffern, New York; postcard; col.; 3 x 5 in. (7.7 x 12.7 cm.).
1922 - 1929

Mary Ella and her family lived in Suffern, New York across the road from her grandparents. Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 85.

  Mary Ella and her brother Alec went to a red school house in Suffern. They had a German nanny. Source: Conversation with Alec Henderson.
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Suffern House
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Jan 25, 1925 Her grandfather Henderson Sr. died in Suffern, New York. Source: NY Death Certificate #5375 and the Suffern newspaper.
1929 - 1932

Her family moved into a large two-story home in Tallman, New York. They lived in Tallman for four years. They had a chauffeur, cook, and an upstairs maid. Her father kept his polo pony "Ginger" in the barn. The 5 acre property had an apple orchard. Grandmother Anthony had a lovely cottage on the property (behind the orchard). The family had a red setter named "Ciders". Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 97.

April 3, 1930 The 1930 U.S. Census lists Alexander D. Henderson (35), Nonny (30), Mary Ella (7), Alexander (5) and Laura J Anthony (60), living in Ramapo, Rockland, New York. Source: 1930 Census, Ramapo, Rockland, New York; Roll: 1641; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 38; Image: 12.0.

Grandmother Henderson (Ella Brown) would often send her chauffeur and car to take the grandchildren to her home for visits. They drove a Packard Limousine. At bedtime, she would read to her grandchildren Bible stories from the Old Testament. Her estate had a butler, James, and a cook. She had a working farm with a cow, large vegetable garden, lake stocked with fish, and a huge greenhouse. Mary Ella remembered playing with the gardener's children at times. Source: Letter from Mary Ella to her nephew Greg Henderson.

Alec & Mary Ella
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1932-36 The family moved to the Hudson View Gardens duplex apartment at 1836 Pinchurst Avenue, apt. D21, overlooking the Hudson River in New York (near 186th Street). Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 111.
1934 Mary Ella's mother and father were separated. Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 111.

Alec (3) & Mary Ella (5) 1927
Tallman, NY
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1935 Her parents were divorced. Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 111.

Alec and Mary Ella moved into a two-bedroom Englewood apartment on 100 East Palisade Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey. Their mother wanted to get out of the city to live in the country. Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 111.

January 17, 1940 Grandmother Ella Brown Henderson died in Suffern, NY. Source: ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times, pg. 23.
April 2, 1940 The 1940 Census shows that Mary A. (46), Mary Ella (17), and Alexander D. Henderson (16) were living in an apartment at 100 Palisade Ave. Source: ED 2-71; Englewood City Ward 2 bounded by (N) Palisade Av; Englewood City, Bergen, New Jersey.
May 1941

Mary Ella graduated from the Dwight School for Girls in Englewood, New Jersey. Source: Mary's Family Connections, pg. 111.


Mary Ella and her father, Alexander D. Henderson

October 23, 1943 Mary Ella married Stuart Walter Hinrichs at Saint James Church, Madison Avenue, New York.
August 31, 1946 Robert Stuart Hinrichs was born.
June 26, 1949 Susan Hinrichs was born.
1949 Grandmother Laura Frontgous Anthony died (Nonny's mother) in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
April 5, 1953 Sarah Hinrichs was born.
September 23, 1957 Peter Anthony Hinrichs was born.
March 30, 1985 Mary Ella married John Sloane Griswold at Christ Church, Greenwich, Connecticut. They enjoyed many years of travel and golf together.
September 1997 Mary Ella took her children and their spouses on a special trip to Italy where they rented a large house overlooking a vineyard.
Jul 30, 2005 John Sloane Griswold died in Greenwich, Connecticut at the age of 91.
  Mary Ella was an accomplished sculptor and landscape painter and enjoyed all aspects of making and viewing art throughout her life. She was a member of Round Hill Club, Jupiter Island Club, Hobe Sound Yacht Club, and had been active for many years with the Green Fingers Garden Club and Jupiter Island Garden Club.
  Mary Ella moved from Mead's Point to Rockwood Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut.
Jan 13, 2014  4 A.M Mary Ella passed away peacefully at her Florida home in Hobe Sound surrounded by her family. An obituary was published in print and online, including on Jan. 16, 2014.  

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